Securing the

community money


We are pleased to announce that 23% of community capital will be invested in the stacking of 4 cryptocurrencies.

Our management board, in collaboration with the community, will carefully select three of these cryptocurrencies, which will receive 67% of the investment.

The remaining 33% will be invested in our own crypto currency, launched by Retro Phone. The name and implementation of this currency will be chosen after the first sold out.

We believe that this investment strategy, which combines a diverse selection of established cryptocurrencies with our own innovative offering, will provide a strong foundation for long-term growth and stability. Our team is committed to maximizing returns for our community and ensuring that our investments are well-informed and carefully managed. We look forward to sharing the progress of this exciting venture with you.


The royalties from all 4 types of currency will be distributed in full to the holders of Retro Phone NFTs

and the capitalization of our own token will lead to the marking of the profit by the investors

*This page is constantly being upgraded, depending on the necessary steps.