once said


“After choosing and making all the backgrounds, out of sheer curiosity, I wanted to find out how much of the planet's population is covered by countries, from where I selected, quite randomly, the famous buildings, in front of which I established the cafe setup.”


Project Numbers


Meaning Behind the Numbers
Explanation Of the Figures in This Project
- in order not to be associated with obscure symbolism and numerology -


  • Absolutely all the numbers and percentages used in this project are totally different from those used in the dozen projects, thus differentiating us by uniqueness, but also by performance.
  • The aesthetic aspect will not only benefit the eye, but they are perfectly integrated in correct business validation systems.

The Numbers

  • The aesthetic number in the mirror (palindrome), odd, which makes it possible to organize a joint stock company.
  • Total number of Retro phones Nfts;
  • The total number of shares in the DAO Master Collection.

  • This number is very important for all Retro Phone collectors because it is the name of the “Holy Grail” model, desired by all collectors, Nokia 7700 being an Unreleased Prototype.
  • Number of phones in the physical collection.
  • Number of NFTs in Plan 1.
  • By chance I broke the existing record of 2779 phones, 2,700 times: 7700/2779 = 2,700

Of course, it is a coincidence, just like the one described by Albert Einstein in the phrase: “Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.”

  • Aesthetic number, perfectly descriptive, which sums up the phones registered in the Guinness World Book, and the Prototypes.
  • Number of NFTs in Plan 2.

  • Completion of the number of Shares until 14441
  • Number of NFTs in Plan 3.

  • A number that makes sense of binary perfection but does not contain 0, as such eliminating the metaphor of “nonvalue”.
  • It is assigned when we invest something, but it is 1 higher than 10, therefore assigning more value than the ordinary 10%, whose usage is abused in all NFT projects.

  • The percentage of Royalties, which is less than the “famous” 10%.

It is very fair to ask for less and deliver more.

  • This percentage is applied only in the case of non-profit-making foundations, and is even higher than 11, also summing up the attributions of plus 1.

Putting all through our value filter, ”to give” gives more value than ”to invest”.

  • Full figure applied to major project benefits.
  • Considering that a quarter of the sales figure in any business is more than enough and honest to be appropriated by the creator of a business context.

However, you can check on our separate page what the founder of Retro Phone does with a royalty of 33% of the sales figure of Retro Phone NFT.

  • For entertainment, I emphasize that… 33 ARG is the registration number of the founder’s car.

  • The percentage of the sales figure offered to the community, which respects my rule of offering more than half, to the financial investors, but completing the aesthetics of the number 33.

The percentage of planet population, covered by countries, where the buildings painted from plan 1 are located.

  • This figure is invested in ensuring the Retro Phone NFT project, but as it is applied in relation to the 55% of the community, by a simple calculation it represents 12% of the total sales figure.

See the explanation for 12, above, the percentage attributed to investments that do not bring material profit, but safety.

I have absolutely no affinity for numerology, but only for honesty and rules, which are easier to apply if we pack them elegantly and correctly, aesthetically

I wish you Full Success!!