to the business


Behind the acquisition of RetroPhoneNFTs, there is a real business infrastructure, with a suite of immediate and subsequent benefits, transforming the post-purchase mechanism into a real Investment Fund for you, provided for the first time in crypto history.

Making an analogy between owning Retro Phone NFTs and owning real estate, is like a real estate with a tenant for an indefinite period.


From reality

to digital


We acted in a unique and completely different way than you were used to, so we come up with a concrete collection from reality, and turn it into a digital collection, offering value before we ask.

The telephone collection is physically exhibited in the Argentis Company Galleries, in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

We will divide the benefits of the project into three distinct types of values, thus, the owners of Retro Phone NFTs become at the same time art collectors, benefactors, and investors in a sustainable business.

Personal investments,

records and uniqueness


The first concrete investments in this project were made in the acquisition of telephones, in the construction of physical exhibition galleries and 4 years of work, necessary for the preparation of the telephone collection

After building the largest collection of phones and prototypes in the world, we transposed it in a 1: 1 ratio into the most beautiful collection of NFT Retro Phones, giving you the chance to become a holder of a World Record fragment.

In addition to being the largest collection of phones and prototypes in the world, this collection will also obtain the Guinness Book of Records, representing the collection with the most different phones in the world.



and values


Each of the 7700 phones from the real collection, appears in the NFT collection of the 7700 Plan, only once and we certify this innovation by projecting the IMEI of each real phone, on its NFT.

The material value of the NFT is given by the high cost of the elements that compose it; the pieces from each frame photographed, from the first two phases, worth around $1000.

Paying for human effort is another cost that brings value. Most of the time dedicated to the project, 42 people worked simultaneousy, totaling 5476 hours of work until the launch of the site.

Finally, we support the cost of the Super World Trip and all the gifts.

Collectors of values,

art and emotions.


The 7700 Retro Phone NFT is a work of art, its aesthetics being the result of the combined effort of several artists, from different spectra.

  • The backgrounds are made by the painter Paul Couti;
  • The furniture in the cafe is made by the sculptor Alin Negriu;
  • Dinosaurs are modeled by artist Ioana Duica;
  • The whole frame is captured by the photographer Andrei Salajan.

So, an NFT of Retro Phone puts in your possession forever, in a story frame, the image of the phone with which you probably gave the first SMS for a business or sentimental meeting and snatches you for a few moments from the anxiety of the present, brings you into a journey through memories.


Distribution of funds,

stacking and passive income


The funds from the cash in will be distributed as follows:

  • 55% to the Community Investment
  • 12% to Equilibrum Foundation
  • 33% to the Founder

The community investment will be distributed as follows:

  • 55% to DAO Master Collection
  • 23% in Crypto Stacking
  • 22% in VXX Guardian

Royalties from this project is 9% and is distributed as follows:

  • 55% to DAO Master Collection
  • 12% to Equilibrum Foundation
  • 33% to the Founder
Stacking profits and dividends from the DAO Master Collection will be distributed quarterly to investors.

Shares in

DAO Master Collection


Master Collection will be a DAO with 14441 shares, equal to the number of NFTs released through the Retro Phone NFT Trilogy Collection.

The two main objectives of the activity will be:

  • Validation of sustainability and provision of services to the NFT collections that will be launched.
  • Buying, owning, and trading Fractional Real Estate.

This Organization will invest

  • 11% in physical silver
  • 11% in Crypto projects
  • 12% in charitable projects, through its own Foundation.

Any NFT of the 3 Plans will have the same benefits and the same status in the DAO Master Collection.
1 NFT Retro Phone = 1 Share in DAO Master Collection

Owning an NFT Retro Phone is the only way to become a shareholder in DAO Master Collection.





In Crypto Market Premiere, we provide the initial investment in NFT, through an ETF index traded on Wall Street, in a portfolio made available and managed by the founder. The account is live on the insurance page.

This index makes a profit during Bear Market periods, and thus can fully reimburse to those who wish, the amount initially invested, in the ETH / USD ratio, against the NFT held.

By giving,

you will gain.


In real life, by making the physical collection, the project founder was cured in 2018 of gambling addiction and withdrawal and now brings his life story, as a medicine for others, against addictions, by setting up the EQUILIBRUM foundation, with implementation and programs worldwide.

Thus, we will invest 12% of the proceeds in the EQUILIBRUM Foundation, whose main activity will be the fight against addictions of any kind. (Alcohol, drugs, gambling, etc.)

All actions, investments, projects, and results of the Foundation will be public and transparent for the whole world.


Rarity and



All NFTs have different rarities discovered after minting. This is given by a formula that calculates the rarity and aesthetics of the phone in the collection, as well as the permutable elements of the NFT decor: background, dinosaur or treasure.

All NFTs, including those retained by the founders, or for marketing, are mined randomly, and this is transparent and verifiable.


airdrops & gifts


As a RetroPhoneNFT holder,you have already :

  • Permanent virtual access to the Physical Collection
  • Real and free access to the Physical Gallery during the visiting hours.
  • Printing forever, for those who want, the names of the original buyers, based on the displays in the physical collection.

After Phase 1 sold out:

  • Airdrop of 770 NFTs of X + 55% ETH from Phase 2, to the buyers from Phase 1;
  • Gift: Through Raffle, 33 physical phones will be won, which will be sent anywhere in the world, with free transport.
  • Gifts redeemable by us, at $330 / piece.

After Phase 2 sold out:

  • Airdrop of 432 NFTs of X + 140% ETH, from Phase 3 to the buyers from the first 2 Phases.
  • Gift: Through the Raffle you win the NFT with Nokia 7700.
  • NFT redeemable on the spot from us at the price of $7700.

After Phase 3 sold out:

  • Airdrop: the NFT of the Guinness Book of World Records.
  • NFT redeemable on the spot from us at the price of $12,000.




The raffle will be won by a NFT Retro Phone holder, and the gift will be a journey around the world, for 2 people which will include:

  • Air transport, between all destinations.
  • Accommodation for 33 days, on all continents, at Premium hotels, with breakfast included.
  • A Retro Phone Prototype.
  • $22,000 for lunch / dinner / expenses.

In case the winner does not want / can’t make this trip, the master gift can be redeemed on the spot by us, for $55,000.

Any airdrop or gift, which falls on the NFTs retained by the founders, will be assigned, and reintegrated into the reward system.

Also, this NFT reserve will not be covered by the VXX Guardian insurance and will not benefit from the stacking profit.

* This Business Plan is constantly upgraded, both in structure and benefits.