Owner's Money

From Retro Phone NFT


Purpose Of the Answer

  • What Does the Owner Do with The Money From The Retro Phone NFT Project?
  • Representing 33% of the sales figure
  • The reason we created this page is not to justify spending, but to provide a healthy investment model for our clients.

“If you want to have as many benefits as possible, help as many people as possible!”

Financial Distribution

Saint Andrew’s Foundation

  • With 12% of the capital, I set up the Saint Andrew Charitable Foundation.
  • Why do I set up this foundation alone, and for the community, EQUILIBRUM?

The founder of the project is an Orthodox Christian and did not want to “force” on a global scale a charitable project with the name of a Saint-symbol, from his religion.

However, I recommend that you research the doctrine of Orthodoxy if you are in unanswered spiritual pursuits.

Andrei is also the name of the founder, so the foundation becoming much more personalized, being a dream that appeared 15 years ago.

EQUILIBRUM will address through optimized mechanisms, on a global scale, trying to find solutions against addictions everywhere. EQUILIBRUM will have offices worldwide.

The Saint Andrew Foundation will address nationally in Romania, a population with 90% of Orthodox Christian citizens and will be physically established in the city of Cluj-Napoca.

Silver Guard

  • I will invest 11% of the capital in silver.
  • Why?

I chose silver over gold, because after the studies carried out by the founders, I concluded from the statistics, that silver is much more appreciated in periods of high economic volatility, than gold.

The second reason is that silver becomes the most sought metal in the creation and implementation of new technologies, thus resulting in an appreciation of the asset both in growth and in economic decline.

I recommend everyone to apply this principle of investing in physical silver, in all your businesses!

# VXX Guardian

  • 12% in VXX

Of course, I will protect my investments through VXX, to be safe in case of a global economic collapse.

otherwise, something normal every few years.

  • Let's not forget that I am trying to protect my Investments through VXX, starting with 2017, so for me it is not an innovation.

I do not recommend doing this if you are not a professional or emotional master, because you can slip into Gambling.


  • I invest 11% of my net income in Crypto projects, the reason why you are here is the simple explanation of this decision.

Argentis Land

  • I invest 33% in starting the Argentis Land project.

(Detailed description at the end)

NFT Retro Phone Team

  • I will pay for the founding team of Retro Phone.
  • I will deduct the investment from the logistics realization of the NFT collection.

(NOT the recovery of amounts invested in phones and physical collection):

Payment of artists.

Payment of staff for the project.

5476 hours of work of 41 people, until the launch of the website

Payment for works of art in the project.

Buying copyright and trademark.

Other expenses.


  • I will pay for the 33 retro phones from Giveaway, as well as the transportation costs to the winners.
  • I will pay, if desired, compensations, gifts and NFTs from Giveaway. (NFT Nokia 7700, NFT Diploma Guinness Book)
  • I will pay the Master Cost or Compensation of the Super World Trip Gift.

Super World Trip

I will pay all the costs necessary to make the NFT Collection from Plan 3. Super World Trip:

Air Transport, Team Photographers, Logistics, staff.

Accommodation during the trip.

Food, unforeseen expenses.

Back Up World Records

  • I will buy 3500 Retro phones, reaching a total of over 11,111, and I will keep them as a safety measure, in case someone wants to break the World record.
  • The same strategy will be implemented for the unique models, to be registered in the Guinness Book.
  • Because if this, our NFT project will keep the titles of World Largest Collection and Guinness World Record for an indefinite period.
  • I will keep my promise that if someone owns an NFT Retro Phone, they will have a piece of a world record.

Additional Investments

  • I will make other personal investments depending on the remaining available budget.


  • The 33% of the Royalties resellers, which belong to the founder, declared in the initial contract of the project, will enter the same financial distribution circuit, listed above.


  • I will be awarded the blue CADILLAC ELDORADO from the 1960s.

I recommend that you reward your achievements in an honest and proud way, so that you can find the motivation to start your next project, even if it is just an excellent new day!

Argentis Land

Starting From a Dream

  • As a passionate animal lover, the founder wants to materialize his dream of owning an animal park, continuing his project in 2011 when he first funded his passion.
  • At that level he owned about 300 giant parrots and rare birds trained at amateur level, that became stars of commercials and friends of children.
  • At that time, following the interaction of a child with autism, the thought, and the hope that such a Zoo Petting Park could be a solution for:

sick children.

people with mental health problems.

fighting depression.

relief from suffering caused by loneliness among the elderly.

  • For these reasons, Argentis Land wants to be a sustainable project, from which the founder does not want to have any material income, all profits being directed monthly in a transparent manner, for the maintenance and development of the park and to the St. Andrew’s Foundation.

What Will Argentis Land Look Like?

  • Argentis Land will be an area spread over an area of at least 40 hectares, half being forest and half free land.
  • Being a passionate animal lover, without applying the phrase “the more people I meet, the more I love my dog”, I want to create natural and huge habitats for each animal.

One of Argentis Land’s missions is to rescue animals tormented by unconditional zoos.


  • Argentis Land will benefit from visiting fees, team building, and horse-riding courses and the sale of Bio products produced within the field.
  • Thus, we will have vegetable greenhouses and a dairy and canned processing factory.
  • We will sell monthly subscriptions and distribute our healthy products nationwide to all communities that want to live and raise their children properly.

The Saint Andrew Foundation


  • Within the land will be a branch of the Saint Andrew’s Foundation, a small-town community with:

Living Houses for which they will benefit from the foundation’s programs.

Education system.

Medical System.

The church.

  • This community is one of the fruits of the mission of the Saint Andrew’s Foundation, which will have as main objectives of activity:

- social reintegration and development of children without parents.

- offering a better lifestyle to disadvantaged families.

  • We will also provide adults in this community with a paid, secure, and enjoyable job in Argentis Land.

Monte Cristo

  • I will force your imagination to see that near the lands of Argentis Land, I will establish the Monte Cristo estate (with money obtained from other businesses and personal investments), on the plateau of which there will be a Baroque style mansion, with an impressive green meadow in front, which will host cocktail evenings in which wealthy or passionate people, artwork, artifacts, and antiques will be sold at auction.
  • From the money obtained we will buy other products to be put up for auction, we will pay the staff and the expenses, and we will direct the difference in full to the Saint Andrew Foundation.

Please note that all proceeds from the payment of fixed expenses from these businesses will be invested in Argentis Land and we will develop new projects through the foundation, without the founder making a profit.

Why Like This?


  • My principle of life that I believe in, is that time is the most important human resource.

Values And the Human Being

  • To talk about values, we exclude the main non-value: money. Money is not a value. Non-value or currency exchange between securities are guaranteed.
  • Values are divided into two categories.

Unimportant or material: that is, absolutely everything that is palpable and unaccompanied by emotions. In general, we invest almost everything in fixed money.

Important: health, feelings, faith, memories, and dreams.

By far the most important value for man is Time. Because if we, have it, we can win absolutely everything else.

Give yourself time!

A Different Net Profit

  • Following these principles in this project, I get all the necessary values for my life system, from fulfilling my passions and helping, to obtaining the most valuable resource, TIME.

So, from this project, my money would be useless.

I wish you Full Success!!