Equilibrum Foundation

Story of death and life


Equilibrum is an organization founded by a man who overcame his own gambling and alcohol addiction, with a noble mission to provide the resources and support necessary for people to lead healthy, fulfilling lives free from the grip of addiction.

  • 2002 The first days of high school, in a foreign city. As a 15-year-old boy, he began his journey of life, coming from a small town in the mountains with 15,000 inhabitants, in the largest “Metropolis”; The residence of a small county in Romania.

    The city shone with light and opportunity. An above average IQ, pride and lack of wisdom convinced him that there was an easy path to prosperity. And the evil of this world brought before him the “financial mechanism”: Casino Roulette.

    The first ball left, the first number dropped, the number 8 becoming the favourite for the next 16 years, the first win 10 times higher than the stake. “So, it is possible!” The child said to himself.

    A few weeks later he was losing his lunch card money from the student dormitory where he was staying, the meditation money, and then, at -10 degrees Celsius, to leave for the first time some pawn to some “benefactors”: Leather Jacket from him for $10, at that time, to see another 60 seconds, the round “guillotine” torturing him.

  • 2003 Driven by the need that feeds the new addiction / investment, launches the first personal “business”. Import of telephones from Spain. The first phone sold LG 8120/300 USD. Commercial additions 200%. It was working!

  • 2004 Purchases its first touchscreen smartphone in Romania. Nokia 7710, with 850 USD, imported directly from Finland. In high school where he studied (to play), he became a “star”.

  • 2006 Change the city, starting college in an important city in his country; 400,000 inhabitants, the start of a business faculty, roulette, and gambling. The carousel was spinning, life was wasting. After 1 year he dropped out of college because he wanted to learn business, but his teaching staff.

  • 2011 The first real business as a sole partner, after working in the family business. He made a profit, capitalized, and lost money at casinos. The first debts to usurers with an interest rate of 10% per month. Come on, it can be done! The road to the precipice has a highway. He led a prosperous life, masked everything in elegant words and lacked fear. He had latin blood. That couldn’t be taken away.

  • 2012 The employees, feeling the weakness, stole his goods and the proceeds of 60,000 USD, praising him with poisonous words. His personal pride covers his eyes and his thoughts. But man works and tolerates loss.

  • 2013 The moment that ruins his soul. Attacked by 3 individuals, to “apply a correction” that he parked in their parking lot, following the most brutal assassination attempt on him, he leaves him unconscious, glued to his personal car, whose door has been bent. of his own body, to this day, as a reminder.

    Solutions? Revenge, but revenge would have turned him into a murderer. Another solution: to eliminate frustration, but not to clog the prison? Of course, alcohol

    And the two partners in the destruction of man: Alcohol and Gambling, join hands, transforming through the most dangerous soul cocktail, a life that wanted to prosper, in infinite chaos.

    Collect debts, all with interest, to the most dangerous individuals in the country, guaranteeing everything he had and didn’t have. He kept his word to everyone but had higher interest rates than he received monthly with his own company. Superb road to perdition. Betting odds were 1 in favour of death. The safest odds played so far.

  • 2015 He always wanted to look his enemy into the eyes and fight. Hoping that the alcohol is the problem that ruined his life, he started frequenting AA(Alcoholics Anonymous) Groups, being happy, that he finally found the problem.

    But the counsellors there told him that the alcohol isn’t the problem, but his pride. He collected every single abstinence chain, 1 day, 7 days, 1 month, 6 months, 1 year. To celebrate one year, he did a massive drunkennessas ‘’it is being done on a victory’’. In that moment, the words of Saint Paisie Aghioritul found their destination “Pride is the root of all evil and sufferings”

  • 2016 Top Car: Purchase of the soul car, Mercedes S Class AMG. This aspect feeds his pride and the false image of the character. Get into “select” fake millionaire clubs.

  • May 2017 Total accident of the car without victims, no scratches. Cancellation of the driving license due to the accident, for alcohol.

  • 12 January 2018 The moment from death to life

    The last loss of 50,000 USD, with an interest rate of 20% / Week, asleep from alcohol on concrete, at -18 degrees, goes into hypothermia.

    The guard dog saves his life. Someone sent him to open the door of the room where he was lying; his real friends find him, who were looking for him all over the city and take him to the emergency room. Those friends are present in his life even today.

    After warming up, he runs away from the hospital, takes a taxi, and drinks the last beer he bought from a gas station.Tragic? Comical? We will die and see.

    “Awakening! That’s not why you were created! “

    You tell him how you want: paranoia, delirium, or hyperbolized imagination. It’s just that the “voice” has materialized and saved his soul. I will call him God.

  • 2018 The exit from the matrix

    • New Real Life
    • Deleting the phonebook until the last contact.
    • Deleting the Facebook account.
    • The last alcohol consumed.
    • Last roulette played.
    • Last joint tried.
    • The last sedatives taken.
    • The first crush of pride.

    Triumph! The hope & the hardest year of his life.

    He fired all his employees and worked alone, becoming humiliated by his former luxury “friends”, who did not recognize him when he worked for them. The alcohol withdrawal was controllable and deleted in a few days, but the gambling withdrawal was deep in the boy’s soul, after 16 years of “exercise”.

    If he had sold everything he owned then, he would not have been able to pay off even half of his debts. Man had two qualities / defects: appetite for risk and lack of fear. This time he put them in his service, in the service of good, in the service of salvation and of a life full of real peace and prosperity.

    Solution for gambling withdrawal? Found in the past: Acquisition of the phone owned in 2004. Then all the phones held in the past. Then all traded. Then all the phones that he could afford at that time. And because he had compulsive acquisitions in his blood, he managed to acquire many existing collections from smaller collectors.

    Not only does he curb his withdrawal from spending money, but he also invests and secures his money in something that does not lose its value, starting: The World’s Largest Mobile Phone Collection.

  • March 2020

    • Miraculous recovery of the driver’s license.
    • It was the last month he paid interest to anyone
  • April 2020 Became the first month, since 2011, when he did not pay interest to anyone.

  • 2022I integrated you in the story until now, through Retro Phone NFT, because that child lost in the past, he is the founder of this business today.

    The story is Real and has a noble purpose.

    The report is verifiable and was not presented with pride, or to raise awareness, or to obtain dishonest marketing. It was said because in real life, by making the physical collection, the founder of the project was cured in 2018 of addiction and gambling withdrawal, and now brings his life story, as a medicine for others, against addictions, by setting up the EQUILIBRUM foundation, with implementation and programs worldwide.

    Thus, we will invest 12% of the proceeds in the EQUILIBRUM Foundation, which will have as its main objective of activity, the fight against addictions of any kind (alcohol, drugs, gambling, etc.).

    This action is the concrete transposition of the dream behind the realization of the physical collection: that of freedom by defeating addictions. All actions, investments, projects, and results of the Foundation will be public and transparent for the whole world.

  • Regrets

    • I do not regret anything from the past.
    • I am a committed man and I consider that these attempts were an undeserved gift, an advance payment for something I must do in the future.
    • Something for those who go through the same torment: A solution!

    I am proud to tell you that, I would go through the same inner fire again, with the experience acquired back then, from which I still got the scars, if in the end, I would be here, as inner peace.

    It is worth the Fight and the Reward!

    Because this is just my social story, I had another award, in all this spiritual hell, I managed to establish and keep the most beautiful family, with the strongest woman in the world, who stood by me in moments when I would not have forgiven myself, my wife, and to have the most precious and valuable gift: our 3 children.

    I am grateful and delighted.

The misspelled name

of the foundation


EQUILIBRUM is a name invented by the founder in 2009 and was given as a name to the tribe he founded in the strategy game Tribal Wars.

The name was misspelled from the beginning because he did not speak English, but in that troubled period, he dreamed incessantly of being released from the clutches of addicts.

The idea of creating a foundation of the same name dates to 2011 and survived at the same time as the founder’s dependencies.

Always dreaming, watching The Gambler movie, as a huge gain, will give him that run from the end, no debt, no money, but free.

It would have been too simple, impossible and undeserved.


Let’s implement the

vision to save others


Players and addicts are smart people above average. Thus, I noticed an aspect. You can get out of an addiction, if you don’t die, by two methods:

01. A shock, which will put you in front of death and change your life from the ground up, anchoring you, by faith, in the future, hoping for freedom.

02. A Noble Purpose, to be seen, created by him, or presented by others, to be followed and if possible, with a benefit for him, on the business side, to have the motivation to fight.

Therefore, all the programs that we will implement in the EQUILIBRUM Foundation will be built around the second aspect, that of noble purpose, for which it is worth fighting, succeeding in overcoming addiction.