DAO Master Collection will start its activity, 6 months after the Sold Out of the 3 NFT Retro Phone Sub-Collections, thus fulfilling the conditions for completing the 14441 shareholders.

In the unlikely event that the RetroPhoneNFT collections are not liquidated, the capital accumulated in the treasury of DAO Master Collection will be redirected to the treasury of the RetroPhoneNFT investor community and will be used to purchase cryptocurrencies for stacking.



associates & purpose


The Master Collection will be a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), with a regulation and transactions written in blockchain, transparent for all shareholders of the organization.

Master Collection will be entirely owned by shareholders and has a limited number of 14,441 shares, equivalent to the number of RetroPhoneNFTs launched in the 3 phases.

You cannot own Master Collection shares without owning an RetroPhoneNFT.

The purpose of this organization is to make profit, to accumulate assets, both digital and physical, and to reimburse quarterly dividends to shareholders.

It will have headquarters, employees, assets, development projects, and two main activity profiles:

  • Validation of sustainability and provision of services to the NFT collections that will be launched.
  • Buying, owning, and trading fractional real estate.

NFT projects



First Activity Profile
Certification And Services for NFT Collections

The first commercial activity of this organization is to offer a package of partial or all-inclusive solutions in the creation of NFT collections or projects, and is available to clients by offering the services of:

  • Consulting.
  • Creating website NFT collection.
  • Marketing.
  • Establishment of communities.
  • Administration of Social Media channels.
  • Access to promotion in the Master Collection Community.
  • huge community in which sustainable projects written on Blockchain are promoted.
  • Offering solutions in creating the values and profitability of a project.
  • Approval / validation by the Master Collection of a valuable and fair project.

Such a validation is the equivalent of a Guinness certification, or an authorization, by which all potential customers of that project will have confidence in the purchase.

DAO Master Collection will not be a Market Place, but a Blockchain service provider, and an NFT project validator.

Customers And Solutions

Basically, a client with a sustainable collection idea will no longer need any association, collaboration or search for ideas that will add value to NFTs, DAO Master Collection is offering all the necessary solutions from design and implementation to sale and value added after sale.

A collection will not be certified by the Master Collection, unless it meets the correct and moral conditions for future clients, value systems that we will implement in all branches of the client’s project, so that it becomes successful and with real chances of being sold out.

We also want to achieve by implementing this plan in the market, the elimination of garbage projects and migrating cash from there, to valuable projects that bring real profit, material or emotional.

Issues Solved

We eliminate 2 major problems in this new type of business:

  • The greed of some founders who want to receive without offering, fooling customers.
  • Elimination of false, utopian, unrealizable promises, or scams, which try to get new customers who will not benefit in the future.
Making A Profit

Such a complete package of services will cost, depending on the products purchased from the Master Collection, it can go as far as up to 25% of the sales figure of the collections certified by us for sale.

Receipts will be directed, through Smart Contracts offered by new clients, directly to the DAO Master Collection Treasury.

Why Such a Business / Activity?

The most important principle of prosperity says “Find a problem of humanity, solve it and get rich!”. Our biggest problem at the start of the launch of Retro Phone NFT, knowing that the greatest human resource is time, was to find advisors in all areas necessary to create an NFT collection, even looking to buy time with money, and we haven’t found for 2 reasons:

  • This type of business is new, mixed with greed, which appeared naturally in the early stages of money trading markets, and any pseudo-connoisseur seeks to get rich from your project, his only argument being that he followed a few Podcasts on YouTube before you.
  • In such a new market, there is no system to regulate the monetization of an effort.

We will virtually address this shortcoming and sell our professional services at a fair price, helping our clients avoid quarrels and cheating. Finding this problem, we find ourselves in an unregulated market, from which, solving it, brings profit.


ownership company


Second Activity Profile
Fractional Real Estate

The second commercial activity of this organization is buying, owning, and trading real estate in fractional system, which means that in the states that will implement this system, real estate will be able to be divided into countless fragments, using blockchain technology, and trading on market places.

This eliminates the problem of large trading amounts, both in purchase and in sale, when it is not necessarybecause you can sell only fractions of the property, and not the whole.

The headquarters of this organization will be the first building owned by this system, by all shareholders.

Thus, anyone will be able to own real estate in the future, if they will have access to the expertise of this business, through DAO Master Collection.


In the first phase, we will own fractional real estate, in the states whose legislation allows this, for example Dubai market, and we will expand our activity in all the states that will legally implement this system.

The shareholders of DAO Master Collection will directly own real estate fractions, and the capitalization of the shares will increase with the increase of the company’s patrimony. Dividends from real estate rents will be sent quarterly to shareholders.


The purpose of this activity is to increase with the expansion of the company’s patrimony, the transaction value of RetroPhoneNFTs/shares.





We provide shareholder security by investing 11% of net profit in stable and non-volatile assets in times of global economic turmoil.

As such, we chose the acquisition by the organization of the investment silver with purity 999/1000 from and the physical storage in a secure system of safes. We chose silver over gold, because after the studies carried out by the founders, we concluded from the statistics, that silver is much more appreciated in periods of high economic volatility, than gold.

The second reason is that silver becomes the most sought metal in the creation and implementation of new technologies, resulting in an appreciation of the asset both in growth and in economic decline.

Depending on the requirements of the shareholders, the physical assets can be partially or completely liquidated at the market selling price, and the royalties are distributed in the shareholders wallets.

We recommend that you apply this minimum 10% silver principle to all your investments.




We invest in Crypto projects 11% of the net profit, the reason why you are here being the simple explanation of this decision.

We pursue research, innovation and launch of new products in our field of activity.





We invest in Crypto projects 11% of the net profit, the reason why you are here being the simple explanation of this decision.

We pursue research, innovation and launch of new products in our field of activity.

Our business



About Money

I believe that enrichment can be good or destructive, because money is like a weapon that can kill the one next to you or hunt your food with which to ensure your survival.

The difference in the result is the purpose for which you do business, if it is destructive to your customer or if it has a noble purpose, bringing added value both for you and for your clients.

We created this business with a noble purpose and brought it to you before, being filtered by our honest principles of validation, following the essence: “If you want to get benefits in life and be happy, help as many people as possible!”

About Time

By far the most important human resource is time. All this business is created to make this resource available to you. This is the reason why we implement for you, all our expertise, necessary in making a profit, and gaining time. Enjoy your time!