Protector of Investment


# Innovation in Premiere

  • In Premiere on the Crypto Market, we provide the initial investment in NFT, through an ETF index traded on Wall Street, in a portfolio made available and managed by the founders.

The account is Live on this page.

  • Fairness from the founders:

NFTs retained by the founders will not be covered by the VXX Guardian.

# VXX Volatility Index

  • The index is called VXX and can be traded on multiple platforms.
  • How does it work and when is it profitable?

This index is also called popular, the volatility index, or the fear index, so it decreases when the global market grows or increases sharply when there is panic in the market, or tends through volume sales, to Bear Market.

  • Thus, in case of a Global Economic Crisis, if desired, the Investment in Retro Phone NFT, is the only one that will be reimbursed in full, at the purchase price, of all existing NFT projects in the Present.

# Correlations between the Global Economic Market and the Crypto Market

In the longest period, statistically, the two markets go in tandem:

Decreases economy, decreases Crypto market, increases VXX, marks profit.

The Economy grows, the Crypto Market grows, the value of NFTs increases, we mark profit.

When I go to the opposition, following the studies carried out, it happens only when the economic market falls, in which case the crypto one increases, because the liquidity moves, from fiat to digital. In this situation, we are in the Win-Win situation, and we mark profit on both NFT and VXX.

In the unlikely event that the Crypto market enters the Bear Market, when the global economy grows, the liquidity in VXX is consumed faster and it is possible that the closing of the insurance policy will be done at a lower percentage, but transparent and LIVE.

Example: support liquidity is consumed when the currency through which the NFT was bought, trades below 40% of the value it had in mind and does not last up to below 10% of the price, as we expect the support to be in case of situations the tandem.

# Offered Professional Trading Account

  • What do we offer and cannot be imitated?

Such an index can be traded in two ways:

With leverage of 5 on non-professional accounts.

With 50 levers on professional accounts.

  • Therefore, the Founder provides the community with a professional account on a trading platform.

The PRO title was obtained through sustained and profitable transactions starting with July 2017.

  • This account will be LIVE and so you will always be able to track the amount of shares purchased that provide the NFTs minting, the money left in support, the value of the index, the value of the account and the profit.

This truth can be easily verified if you try to trade by yourself on any platform.

# Leverage in trading on the Stock Exchange

  • Leverage is a dangerous tool for non-professionals because the movement to the detriment of the investor, quickly consumes liquidity / support.

In our case, it is simple to manage, as we enter the entire amount of support in the trading account and we do not have to feed capital when the account approaches the margin, the most common situation when trading leverage with large leverage.

  • Large lever


A large lever consumes ten times the liquidity when the market movement is in the opposite direction to our trading position, because it feeds on the money from the support, for a quantity 10 times higher.


It is attractive for investors, because when the action goes in your direction, it brings you a tenth profit.

  • Small lever


The amount of VXX bought with the money reserved for this insurance could not support the promise to fully reimburse the money invested in NFTs to all, because it would not capitalize enough profit, even in case of ETF increase.


Much smaller capital fluctuations, in high volatility, but a situation that is not the subject of our insurance, because we will use this instrument only to ensure another investment of ours, in the gloomy case of the Global Economic Crisis.

# Validity and Clauses of the Insurance Policy

  • This index makes a profit during the Bear Market periods and, thus, can fully reimburse to the interested parties the amount initially invested, at the ETH / USD ratio, against the NFT held.
  • The insurance policy expires when:

you receive the policy, when the cryptocurrency through which you bought the NFT, falls below 10%, compared to the minting price.

the liquidity that supports it is consumed, from the portfolio.

Floor Price becomes 2X Minting Average Price, because at that moment your investment is assured, the project is validated, and you can mark the profit.

  • Example

You invested $ 100 in minting.

If the currency in which the NFT was purchased falls below 10% (40% in exceptional cases), you will receive $ 100 upon receipt of the policy, at which time you will reimburse the NFT to the creators.

# Unexpected Bonus Advantage

  • You may have understood the mechanism in case the NFT reaches a Floor Price = 2x Minting Price, but we still have money to support from the VXX portfolio.

In that case, the VXX positions will be intentionally closed, the clause expiring.

We will move the remaining money to Stacking or DAO Master Collection if it is launched.

It is possible to withdraw even more liquidity than we initially invested, in case the economic market falls, and the Crypto market grows.

! NOTE! The most important in the project!

We do not recommend trading on the stock exchange, with or without leverage, as non-professionals!

# Conclusion

This benefit, of ensuring the entire project, through VXX, practically transforms the total business into a risk-free investment!

I wish you Full Success!!